Chai Master Extraordinaire

Chaimaster Extraordinaire

Every now and again one comes across a rather special individual rain man way). Whoever they may be or wherever you find them it is clear in an instant with an infectious enthusiasm and quite a considerable chunk of pride in what that they have chosen to do. It’s quite refreshing really and always tends to rub off you. I can say I am rather glad our Chai Master Mr Michelangelo is firmly ensconced in our corner.

As with learning everything unfamiliar and alien, it is often difficult to know where to start. But enthusiasm and gusto seems to ride high in my work ethic. If a subject intrigues and enthrals you it is very easy to pick up, and I began to absorb coffee and tea at quite a rate, both in an in depth knowledge fashion and a rather worryingly enjoyable caffeine binge…. It could be the rather unadvisable intake of caffeinated beverages talking but I think I am starting to hear colours and taste noises… Or it could be just an arabica induced stroke.

This being said, my education really was a tad slapdash and eclectic at best, until that is, I bumped into Michelangelo working in a nearby venue. It was a chance happening but I firmly believe that the universe has a way of aligning itself in a curiously useful fashion at times (it is an unwaveringly optimistic and possibly naive approach to most problems that seems to work out…. Most of the time).

So…What can one say about Michelangelo, that I may not have already said? Anyone opening a coffee shop needs a Michelangelo. A bit of an artist if you will, with a conveniently suitable Renaissance handle to him (very apt).

It’s all very well opening a cafe/cocktail place, throwing your limited funds at it could mean you end up with all the gear and no idea. Even with a bit of a chef background, it is abundantly clear that trying to produce a good coffee is akin to trying to cook blue meth…. Luckily we have our own resident Walter White yo!

Mr michelangelo in his patent brilliance been buried in an Indian coffee pilgrimage and tea researching extravaganza sourcing everything from the machines and accoutrements to a hedonistically wonderful range of Indian teas and coffees to satisfy the most ardent hot(or iced) beverage connoisseur. My personal favourite and tip top of the list will have to be his iced chai and chai latte. And before you grimace, it is not the horrendous syrup nonsense that adorns the sickly sticky shelves of those fast turnover cafés. It is a wonderfully freshly made concoction that can only be described as a chaigasm in a glass. (note to self, good name for a cocktail?)

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