Consumables Day

Every aspect of our foray into the coffee and cocktail scene seems to be a bit of a endorphin o’ plenty thrill. Reminiscing on past exploits and jollies into the catering world, there were never such rewarding times. Long hours working for “the man/woman” were arduous on often riddled with tedium, cuts and oven burns. The key factor here is that #theimperialdurbar is ours and so when I chop my finger off in the future in a horrendous cocktail garnishing incident it should be ok as I the digit was lost for a good cause…. probably…. having my own business will still rock it like it’s going out of fashion.

Today has been a consumable day. I have tried to contract consumption to get in the right state of mind. Sales reps of the largest companies we could source, namely tristar, bunzl and jags, have been turning up to Heathcote manor (tooting) in vehicles so crammed with packaging and products that even the most stalwart of hoarders would be put to shame.

Now, one must understand that these chaps are there to help but at the same time they are salesman, and a salesman’s job is to sell, compliment and get excited about your idea in order to get you to purchase as much as you possibly can for your venue. You must now understand that indulgence was definitely sesame streets word of the day…

That being said, these businessmen do come up with some cracking suggestions for a wild variety packaging products. Though I had to draw the line at the plying of monogrammed wet wipes and beard snoods.

Who’d have thought a paper bag could be so exciting (no not in a weird Frank Bough way). The old ticker definitely picks up a beat or two picturing your own logo on a bag or cup…. If you get the inclination to start up a business I would recommend it as a highly entertaining afternoon!

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